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What problems can people flow statistics solve?

Core Technology

On the upper clutter of infrared wave lithium algorithm + analysis algorithm, the interference is reduced, the combination rate of liquid crystal wave is presented, and the accuracy of traditional infrared passenger flow is increased by 20%.

Based on cloud, management and terminal infrastructure, it is an application platform for retail industry customer flow data collection, data analysis, store operation management and other functions. The system adopts advanced, stable and reliable architecture to provide effective management data and services for store operation and transformation and upgrading.

Depth information was obtained by binocular camera, and head and shoulder features were identified based on head and shoulder feature algorithm to achieve accurate passenger flow statistics. Huaxin binocular flow statistics products support oblique mounting and multi-camera linkage.

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The customer evaluation

Petrus Venter
Petrus Venter
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South Africa

Product was exactly what I needed and with great quality. service is excellent, Quality products and on time shipping,great shopping experience, fast and reliable, Will be doing business then again in the future. absolutely will recommend! thank you!

Ramona Barden
Ramona Barden
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United States

This was our third order and always worked with us and fix if there is any doubt. their after sales tech support is very professional, Great communication .Customer service was excellent.

Maggie Q
Maggie Q
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United States

very good products and very good service, it’s a very nice shopping experience, products has very great quality, it helps my business a lot, will cooperat with you guys again if I need in the future.

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People flow statistics equipment is widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, train/bus station/airport, bus, tourist attractions, clothing stores, chain hotels, exhibition halls, large shopping malls and other public places.

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Why Choose To Use People Counter Statistics?

Increase conversion rate

Use foorir people counting sensors to identify real sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Understand traffic trends

Know the accurate data of off-season and peak season to facilitate the planning of marketing activities.

Activity evaluation

Using foorir retail store customer statistics, you can measure which promotional activities are most effective.

Staff management

By analyzing the monthly passenger flow, reasonable allocation of employees to work, saving costs.

Occupancy Rate

Follow the social distancing recommendations for COVID-19. Real-time statistics of your indoor occupancy rate. Ensure the safety of customers and employees.

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Q1. What is your packaging style of the people counter?A: Standard packaging is white box, customized packaging is also acceptable if you can provide printing

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