HX-CCD16 3D People Counter
HX-CCD16 3D people counter is the latest generation of 3D people counting sensor. It provides 99.9% video accuracy and the most suitable people counting solution for you.
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HX-CCD16 People Counter Advantages

The statistics data accuracy of binocular people flow terminal can reach 98% with 100% wide-angle vision. 

Two- way statistics, adult/child distinction, not affected by light, area count,   IP65 waterproof.

It can count the people flow of “enter”, “exit”, “pass”, “stay” and “turn back”.

Provides you with all the data you need to make store decisions.–

99.9% Accuracy

Real-time 3D depth information is obtained through the 3d people counter camera stereo vision AI sensor, and based on the head and shoulder feature algorithm and the human body tracking algorithm, 99.9% accurate people counting is achieved.

3d people counter3
3d people counter

Intelligent Recognition

The 3d person counting sensor can automatically identify adults, children and pets in a crowd. The number of wandering people that can be set in the statistical area will not be counted, and the excluded count of luggage, trolleys, etc. is supported. High-precision filtering of interference factors to achieve accurate population statistics.

Night Vision

In a unique foorir 3D vision algorithms help. HX-CCD16 has the ability to count in a completely dark environment. No phantom count and error count will occur. It is a trusted 3D people counting sensor.

3d people counter6
3d people counter wifi

Wifi Wireless Connection

3d people counter sensor data real-time output to meet real-time collection and monitoring requirements; support Flash offline storage, no need to worry about network disconnection; support static IP and DHCP two modes, flexible deployment.

Large Field of View

The 3d people counting camera has a large field of view of 100° and has a wider coverage. Depending on the installation height, the coverage area is also different. The installation height ranges from 2.2 meters to 6 meters.

3d people counter5
3d people counter2

Robust and durable

The HX-CCD16 designed by Foorir can adapt to harsh environments such as intense heat, cold, humidity, and dryness. It can accurately count the number of people indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between.

Platform Data Export

The unique chip ensures that hundreds of thousands of data are recorded daily. With strong background data processing capabilities, there will be no errors.
The 3d people sensor has edge computing capabilities. It can calculate the number of people on the local device, directly output the number of people data, view the data in real time, and export Excel spreadsheet data.

3d people counter4

Turn Your Data Into Revenue

Use Foorir’s 3d People Counter To Increase Your Income

3d people counter Power Supply

Power Supply

3d people counter supports POE, DC12V power supply; the power interface is simple and convenient. A network interface. Add 485 communication protocol.

Easy Installation

3d people counting supports ceiling installation and tilt installation; the bracket and equipment can be rotated to adjust the angle.

3d people counter easy installation


3d People counter device only records people’s movement track data. Does not have the face recognition function. No personal data is recorded. Fully respect and protect the privacy of customers. Comply with EU GDPR general data protection regulations.

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