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Automatic Passenger Counter Solution For Toilets

The automatic passenger counter tracks the number of visitors using your company/store restrooms. Our personnel counter device specially developed for toilets.

The Benefits Of Automatic Passenger Counters For Restrooms

hand soap

Replenishing hand sanitizer

With the automatic passenger counter, you can know how many visitors have used the toilet paper in your bathroom. When more visitors use it, you know that you should add toilet paper and hand sanitizer to meet the needs of visitors.

Clean up

Know when to clean

With automatic passenger counter sensors, the more visitors who have used the restrooms of your store, the more often you need to clean the restrooms. Set a number in the counter and let our counter help your bathroom keep clean.

On-site occupancy rate and queue time

Limit the number of occupants

The automatic passenger counter system allows you to set the maximum number of occupants to ensure a comfortable, clean and hygienic experience for visitors in your bathroom. Install a display screen on the toilet door connected to the counter to inform visitors when the device reaches the maximum number of occupants or when it is safe to enter.

Improve customer satisfaction

With the data support provided by the people counting device, when you arrange replenishment, cleaning and general maintenance to track the usage of the bathroom, your bathroom will be kept clean throughout the year, and your visitors will notice. Keeping clean bathrooms will increase good public opinion and ensure that your satisfied customers maintain a good impression with you time and time again.

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