Why does your bar need a traffic counter?

Your bar attracts people in various ways. Our traffic counter can help you determine which attractions attract the most guests, which areas of your bar have the most traffic, and how many people enter your premises on any given day.

The Benefits Of Traffic Counters For Bars


Bar traffic counters can help you determine peak business hours and areas through real-time data. You can use this information to optimize your staffing plan and save labor costs.


Use traffic statistics to increase security in the areas you need. By monitoring the number of people in the bar to increase safety, you can develop spending strategies.


Use the traffic counter device to discover the most popular areas in your bar to optimize your layout. By designing a bar that caters to your customers’ preferences, you can invest in equipment and facilities more wisely.


Track the performance of your location through traffic statistics and invest in the performance plan you need most. You can focus on allocating training costs to teams that need more support.


With the help of a footfall counting system, you can measure the effectiveness of promotional activities. Compare the popularity of the attractions during the promotion period with their activities in advance to inform your marketing budget. Find out which ones are effective and which ones are ineffective, and adjust your strategy to turn your promotional activities into increased traffic.

Customer behavior path and heat map

Heat map

Our passenger flow counting sensors accurately and automatically track customers, so you can see which parts of the facility are the most crowded. Your employees can use near real-time data to find areas that need the most coverage and determine which hot areas are chronically understaffed.

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