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Shopping Mall Customer Counter Solution

The shopping mall customer counter shows that shopping malls attract a large number of tourists, but also because of their entertainment value. Visitors to each shopping center will follow a specific path based on their shopping goals and the impulse generated by the shopping center layout.

With the help of mall customer counter data analysis, mall managers have the ability to modify each shopper’s journey, as long as they have information on people’s behavior, and then make corresponding layouts.

The shopping mall 3d people counter device measures the flow of shoppers in each area, sets the rents of the stores in these areas accordingly, and uses shopping mall customer counters to prove the value of their stores, helping managers to achieve the best efficiency in their shopping malls.

Benefits Of Customer Counters For Shopping Malls

Real-time traffic

The 3D shopping mall customer counting camera counts the number of people entering and leaving the mall in real time with 98% accuracy. The weekend traffic is compared with the weekday, and the data in the same period is analyzed year-on-year and month-on-month.

Chain store data comparison

In order to help you obtain customer data of various shopping malls, you can find the best and worst shopping malls, analyze the data of different shopping malls for optimization, and then improve the locations that perform poorly.

On-site occupancy rate and queue time

Peak traffic entering the mall

Find out the time period when the shopping mall has the largest passenger flow, adjust marketing activities, and grasp the largest sales opportunities.

Live performance

The shopping center counting sensor provides you with the exact number of visitors on each floor hourly and daily. Compare floor performance and optimize the customer experience accordingly.

Customer behavior path and heat map

People counting to evaluate attractions

Discover the attention of different attractions in your mall. Including your cinema, food court and game room waiting. Track the most visited areas and why.

Optimize store rent

The store counting camera tracks the number of people entering each store in the mall to better understand how many customers visit which stores. Optimize rents for key stores.

People counter personnel optimization

During the power supply hours, according to the number of visitors and their needs in the mall, the operations of cleaning and security personnel are optimized. Improve overall customer satisfaction.


The shopping mall customer counter only records people’s movement trajectory data in the shopping mall. It does not have face recognition and data storage functions. It fully respects and protects the privacy of customers and complies with the EU GDPR general data protection regulations.

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