Bus Passenger Counting Solution

Bus passenger counting can obtain passenger data of buses and coaches with high precision. You can get the number of passengers who are ON/OFF at the two doors of the bus at a specific time.

The bus passenger counting system is specially designed for bus fleets. It is specially designed for counting the passing people on the bus. Satisfy 7*24 work in complex public transportation environment. Passenger flow information can be obtained in real time and accurately. The two-way people counter is equipped with 2 binocular cameras and is suitable for 2-door buses.

Benefits Of Passenger Counting For Buses

Real-time statistics

The binocular counter supports flexible installation above the door. The bus passenger count will analyze the height, shape and direction of objects passing through the entrance. If it determines that the object is a person entering or leaving, the bus passenger count sensor will generate a valid record with additional timestamp. Use video recognition algorithms to capture people’s effective trajectories during the day or night.

High precision

The bus passenger counting camera is a solution to obtain reliable and accurate people counting. Especially in the special public transportation environment, it can provide 98% work accuracy for passing passengers. Many useful options are adopted to adapt to the ever-changing bus environment, as well as different passenger habits and behaviors.

On-site occupancy rate and queue time

Peak time for bus rides

Find out the time period when the passenger flow of the bus is the largest, adjust the bus scheduling time, increase the number of buses, meet the needs of passengers to the greatest extent, and grasp the largest sales opportunities.


Bus passenger counting only records people’s movement trajectory data on the bus. It does not have face recognition and data storage functions. It fully respects and protects the privacy of passengers and complies with the EU GDPR general data protection regulations.

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