Casino Counting Camera Solution

Your casino is a fast-paced environment full of flashing lights and game sounds. Our casino traffic counter helps you know which areas have the most traffic, which devices attract the most guests, and how many people enter your premises on which day. Foorir’s CCD16 people counter data benefit your casino.

Benefits Of People Counting Cameras For Casinos

Real-time people counting

Know the total number of people in the casino at any time. It is very important for staffing and business activities.

Comparative analysis of chain casinos

Using the casino analysis data you have obtained, you can find the best and worst performing casinos, analyze different casino data to make adjustments, and increase operating income.

On-site occupancy rate and queue time

Determine the peak period

The number of people in the past can predict the peak time in the future, so that managers have enough time to prepare accordingly.

Optimize staff scheduling

According to the statistics of the number of people and their needs in the casino during business hours, better manage the commuting time of employees.

For safety

Use foorir passenger counter data to increase security in the areas you need. By improving security according to the number of people in the casino, the occurrence of accidents is reduced.

Casino layout

Use people counting sensors to find the most popular areas in your casino to optimize your layout. By catering to the customer’s preferred casino design, you can make more informed investment decisions.

Let’s increase your revenue together

Leave messages for large quantities of orders to get preferential quotations. Foorir tracks and manages visitor traffic and focuses on achieving higher conversion rates.


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