Improve conversion rate

Grasp the daily peak reasonable arrangement of staff and make the traffic restrictions, etc.

Save labor costs

According to the situation of passenger flow arrange staff reasonably reduce labor cost effectively.

Optimize staff scheduling

Adjust the strategy according to the peak and trough time period of personnel in the cycle, and optimize the personnel scheduling reasonably.

Improve marketing strategy

Determine the peak of passenger flow according to passenger flow data and arrange marketing activities reasonably.

Product analysis

Product features


  • Real-time data acquisition via 3D depth measurement sensors
  • Statistics the number of people coming in and out
  • Data is captured completely anonymously
  • Smart counting algorithms continuously compensate for changing backgrounds
  • Integrated lighting avoids interference from external light sources
  • Installation height flexible, can be installed laterally, can provide a large sensor field of view
  • Statistics and detection of passing, queuing, intrusion, moving line tracking, etc.
  • Support multiple splicing installations to avoid repeated counting at the connections in the equipment statistics area


  • The software platform can quickly view the data through the mobile phone
  • You can view the flow data of people entering, exiting, passing, staying, and returning at the same time
  • Real-time statistics display device minute, hour, day, week, month, year breakdown and overview data
  • Data is uploaded every minute, and the cloud platform is updated every minute
  • Remote operation and maintenance of front-end equipment can be realized

Working principle

1.Installation: The device is installed on the ceiling, and the detection angle needs to be adjusted to avoid the error value due to the angle problem.

2.Operation: When a person passes by, the device algorithm will intelligently identify the outline of the head + shoulders, identify one head and shoulders and count one data, and not count if it is identified as a non-human body

3.Upload: After the data collection is successful, the data can be viewed in real time through the PC people flow platform


Product model


Visual FieldHorizontal 100°,Vertical 70°
Output Frame rate640*400@25fps
Height Range2.2~6m
Coverage Range1.2~5.5m
Filter Height0.5~1.2m
Power Supply ModePOE(802.3af/at)/DC-12V
Ethernet cableRJ45/RS-485/WIFI
IP AddressingStatics IP / DHCP
Offline caching90 Days
Other DATA Interface485 x 1/ 9V~30V IO Input x 1
Work Temperature-20°C~45°C
Work Humidity20~80 %
Storage Temperature-20°C~50°C
Storage Temperature20~80 %
Structure(mm)143x 70 x 40
Weight (g)370
InstallationTop Mounting/Lifting/Pit Mounting
Box gaugeSingle packing size: length 24cm * width 11cm * height: 9.5cm single packing weight: 0.56kg outer box size: length 49cm * width 49cm * high 25cm (20 sets), outer box weight: 12.3kg

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