Commercial significance of passenger flow statistics

In many foreign regions with earlier and more developed commercial development, the people flow analysis and statistics system has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has been widely popularized. Why use a people flow analysis and statistics system? To put it bluntly, a people flow statistics system is a big data system about your store. For retailers, this is an important tool for them to understand store traffic, understand customer buying psychology, arrange staff working hours, and arrange holiday promotions. At the same time, it can also analyze the operating performance and performance of their stores. This article will start from the application scenarios of people flow statistics and the technical development of people flow statistics, to show readers the importance of people flow statistics in the clothing industry, large shops and shopping malls

As a retail-based business organization, shopping malls require refined management, and refined management is based on facts and speaks with numbers. And use this data to serve customers and merchants. Passenger flow is the core element of large shopping malls. Only sufficient and effective passenger flow can improve the profitability of shopping malls. Passenger flow is not only the basis for positioning and investment promotion, but also the key to the successful operation of shopping malls. In recent years, accurately counting the number of customers entering shopping centers has become a necessary means to optimize shopping center operations. So, what is the contribution of the passenger flow statistics system to the retail and catering industry?

What can passenger flow statistical analysis do?
It is difficult to make reasonable and convincing divisions without accurate passenger flow data. The role of passenger flow analysis can be summarized as follows:

1. Customer portrait analysis, mainly to count the age group and gender, interest preference, education, income level, etc. of the overall passenger flow for label classification management

2. Consumption power of business districts. Analysis of the average consumption level of customer groups determines the premise of commodity pricing

3. Passenger flow access path, summarize one or more main customer shopping behavior paths to optimize shopping mall circulation

4. The growth trend of passenger flow, grasping the daily change trend of passenger flow is conducive to the development and progress of marketing work

5. Predictive analysis of repeat customers, timely identification of the trend of repeat customers coming to stores, and forecasting of business performance

After understanding the role of passenger flow statistical analysis, we first take a look at the technical development of passenger flow statistical technology. At present, there are mainly three kinds of passenger flow statistics techniques used: infrared passenger flow statistics, video passenger flow statistics, and WIFI probe passenger flow statistics. Which of these three passenger flow statistics techniques is better to use? This can only be said that under different circumstances, there are different needs

Traditional passenger flow management is mainly based on total statistics, and infrared passenger flow statistics technology may be more commonly used. The infrared passenger flow statistics technology is based on the interception of the infrared rays between the human body and the passenger flow statistics. This method is simple and easy to implement, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The human body measures the number by blocking the infrared rays, which may lead to the leakage of the number when many people pass by, and the same individual who keeps going in and out will be repeatedly counted and other problems. There is a large deviation in the passenger flow data measured in this way.

2: Wifi probe passenger flow statistics technology

The Wifi probe technology can count the number of consumers in the store according to the mobile phone, and can also track the consumer’s movement trajectory in the store according to the mobile phone IP. For modern people who do not leave their mobile phones, this statistical method has been able to relatively accurately understand passenger flow.

3: 3D binocular passenger flow statistics system equipment

Due to the low accuracy of manual counting and the inability to conduct long-term statistics, the infrared method cannot count people flow in both directions, and it is impossible to count the number of customers side by side.Therefore, with the help of video analysis technology, a new passenger flow statistical analysis system with an accuracy rate of up to 95% came into being.

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