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1-4021, Science and Technology Park, West District, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 88 Tianchen Road, Chengdu

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Frequently Asked Questions about People Counter

Yes, Foorir’s People Counting Sensor has a PC background, which supports real-time viewing of the number of people entering and exiting the store in the background. You only need to log in to your account.

Yes, the FR-CCD16 counter sensor is a camera independently developed by Foorir. After purchase, we will provide an API agreement and assist you in completing the device connection.

Yes, you need to install the Foorir counter on the top of the bus boarding and getting off the bus, and then connect it to the mdvr of your cmsv6 platform.


Name: Foorir
Phone: +86 18981978865
Address: No. 88 Tianchen Road, Chengdu, China