How does the customer counter system counting?

In the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Retail stores have adopted a new technology customer counter system to ensure customer safety. These retail store customer counting systems can help retailers accurately count the number of customers in the store.

Maintain a safe social distance between customers. No need to spend extra money and employees to manually count the number of people.

Thank God, COVID-19 is now being contained by the vaccine. Retail stores also recognize the benefits of customer counter systems. It is being used for retail store marketing to increase store conversion rates and increase retailer revenue.

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  • What is a customer counter system?
  • How does the customer counter system work?
  • What is the use of obtaining in-depth information?
  • How does the store count customers?
  • What are the advantages of customer counters?
  • Does the customer counter system involve personal privacy?

What is a customer counter system?

The customer counter system is also called the people counting system.
The customer counter system is a system installed at the entrance of a retail store to count the number of customers entering the retail store today.
In the COVID-19 pandemic today, people counting systems are being liked by more and more retailers. Many retailers will choose foorir’s 3D people counter system.

How does the customer counter system work?

Through the 3D people counter system to obtain the depth information of customers, based on the head and shoulder feature intelligent algorithm, identify the head and shoulder features in the scene, and determine the direction of action of each customer.

Project the original depth map to the ground plane, find the maximum height point from the projection depth map, segment the head point and shoulder point, and judge whether the head point and shoulder point conform to the head and shoulders model.

So as to achieve accurate passenger flow statistics. Foorir’s 3D people counting sensor supports tilt installation and multi-camera linkage.

How does the customer counter system work?

The depth camera based on 3D binocular stereo vision is similar to the human eyes, and is different from the depth camera based on TOF and structured light principle. It does not actively project the light source to the outside, and completely relies on the two pictures taken (color RGB or grayscale picture) to calculate Depth information, so it is sometimes called AI passive binocular depth camera.

What is the use of obtaining in-depth information?

  1. Binocular stereo vision technology is used by robots and other artificial intelligence systems.
  2. When a robot moves in space, it must obtain depth information in the environment in order to move freely like a human.
  3. Some other artificial intelligence systems (AI security systems) require
    If you want to identify objects and events in the physical space, you must also obtain the depth information of the environment and objects in order to achieve more accurate identification.

How does the store count customers?

Retail stores only need to install/install the 3D customer counter system on the ceiling. Make some more parameter settings. You can get all kinds of data:

Installed at the top of the store entrance to count the number of customers entering and leaving within a specific period of time.

Installed on the top of the merchandise shelf, count the most popular merchandise and the least favorite merchandise, and do a good job of merchandise display management.
100° wide-angle field of view using 3D counting system. Installed in a specific location. 

Radiation retail stores throughout the store. Generate a store heat map. Use the data to reasonably plan the internal layout of the store. Increase customer stay time and merchandise sales.

What are the advantages of customer counters?

number of clients

Foorir’s retail traffic counter device counts the number of people entering and exiting and passing through your store in real time with 98% accuracy.

Optimize employee management

According to the number and needs of visitors to the store during business hours, better manage the commuting time of employees.

Peak time for customers to enter the store

Find out the time period when the store has the largest passenger flow, adjust marketing activities, and grasp the largest sales opportunities.

Display of results

Know how many potential customers pass by your store. The conversion rate from the street to your store, adjust store displays and posters to attract customers to buy.

Sales master

You need to know the sales volume of your store, and you also need to know how many customers have generated these sales! For these VIP customers, provide better services and give VIP customers a better experience. Provide VIP customer loyalty.

Accurate statistics are achieved through the AI personnel counter sensor, with a 100° wide-angle field of view. Provide two-way people statistics. Employee exclusion. Queue management. Adult/child distinction. Regional heat map. Many functions such as counting the number of people in a designated area.

Then transfer the data and automatically generate the data. Used by retailers to develop more suitable marketing activities and increase sales targets.

Does the customer counter system involve personal privacy?

Foorir’s customer counter system is equipped with a powerful people counting detection and tracking engine. All images are directly discarded after the people counting detection and passenger flow tracking processing are completed, and there is no data privacy problem. 

The only data sent by the 3D people counter sensor is the coordinate point information, and each coordinate point represents a person. The super protection of data privacy is to reduce the security risk of data leakage.

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