How to Install and Configure Shop People Counter API?

How to install and configure the api of the shop people counter? Many shop personnel counter purchasers have such questions? This article will explain in detail about the installation and configuration of the api of the shop people counter. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Display Content Introduction
  • Terminal Configuration Introduction
  • Working Principle And Installation

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One: Shop People Counter Equipment Introduction

1.Receiver Of Infrared Shop Personnel Counter

shop people counter1

LED status indicator

Red indicator light: infrared focusing indicator, when the passenger flow counter cannot receive infrared signal, the indicator light flashes.

Yellow indicator light: battery alarm and charging indicator, when the battery power is too low, the indicator light flashes, and the indicator light is always on when the USB is connected to charge the battery.

Blue indicator light: WIFI network transmission or data storage.

OLED display: display working parameters and equipment information. When there is no operation for more than 5 seconds, the display automatically turns off to reduce power consumption.

Infrared receiver module: Receive infrared signal from infrared transmitter

Switch button: Touch to wake up the display. When the display is displayed, the display interface switches one page each time you touch it.

Confirm button: After the display content is switched to the “Long press to start AP” interface, press and hold the confirm button for 5 seconds, the screen displays “AP is starting, please wait” and a countdown is displayed, and the store personnel counting sensor enters the configuration mode.

2.Infrared Shop People Counter Transmitter

shop people counter2

LED indicator

Red indicator light: power alarm indicator, when the battery power is too low, the indicator light flashes to remind.

Blue indicator light: self-inspection indicator. When the device is powered on, the blue light flashes 3 times and then goes out, indicating that the device is normal.

Fast and slow speed switch: used to control the transmitter power, detect high and low speed people flow switching, NO position is high speed, 12 position is low speed, after changing the DIP switch, it needs to be powered off and restarted to take effect.

Infrared emission module: transmit infrared wireless signal

Two: Shop People Counter Display Content Introduction

shop people counter3

Every time the store’s people counting product is first powered on, it will display the signal strength, indicating the strength of the current received infrared signal, so that on-site personnel can check whether the equipment is aligned.

shop people counter4

Record the number of people in both directions today, the date of the day, and the current time (the passenger flow data is automatically cleared to zero every day at 23:59.)

shop people counter5

What is the remaining battery power
FOORIR® Globally unique product serial number

shop people counter6

Equipment working mode: IR stand-alone mode, IR networking mode
Equipment working mode: low speed, high speed

shop people counter7

Business hours: Outside business hours, the passenger flow counter automatically enters the dormant state. During the period, no counting will be performed, and it will automatically start during business hours. Business hours can be customized according to the store.

shop people counter8

Long press to start the AP mode function operation interface

The OLED display can be awakened by touching the shop’s people counting sensor directly below the light-transmitting strip (touch-sensing antenna position).

When the OLED display is on, each touch of the “switching button” displays the content of the display, which can be displayed separately.

Three, Introduction To Store People Counter Terminal Configuration

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1.Turn On The Ap Mode On The Store Count Terminal

Switch the display content of the store passenger flow counter terminal to the "Long press to start AP" interface, press and hold the confirmation button for 5 seconds, the screen displays "Running" and the countdown time is displayed.

2.Connect To The Shop People Counting Terminal
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Turn on the WIFI function of your smartphone, search for WIFI networks, and find your network. Our network hotspot named “HXZY”, join this network, and make sure that the network is successfully connected.

After starting the AP service, if there is no mobile phone connected to the “HXZY” network within 30 seconds, the AP service will be automatically closed. You need to pay attention to the countdown on the screen of the passenger flow counting terminal, and the countdown will restart every time you touch it again.

If the mobile phone has been connected to the “HXZY” network, the AP service of the passenger flow counting terminal will continue to be maintained, so there is no need to worry about the countdown time.

If there are other wireless devices in use or WIFI channel interference around, it may fail to add network, you can try to add network again.

3.The terminal configuration interface for the number of people counting in the store
shop people counter11

Open the browser, enter: in the address bar, press OK (GO) to enter the passenger flow counting terminal configuration page. The initial password is 1234, you need to enter the password to log in before you can select the setting content.

4.Stand-alone Parameter Configuration

When the store people counting sensor runs for the first time, it needs to enter the “single machine parameter” configuration interface to set the business hours and statistical data analysis period.

5.Store Staff Counter Connection Wifi Parameter Configuration
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If the store personnel counter needs cloud management, enter “Network Configuration” to configure the WIFI network name, password and server address (WIFI network with Chinese and English names are supported).

Before configuration, you need to prepare a smart phone with WIFI function to complete the subsequent configuration work.

Tip: Starting the AP service (WiFi configuration mode) consumes a lot of power. It is recommended to complete the settings as soon as possible and close the AP service in time.

Fourth: The Working Principle And Installation Steps Of The Shop Personnel Counter

1. The working principle of shop personnel counter

Shop personnel counting sensors need to be used in conjunction with infrared transmitters, which are installed face to face on both sides of the entrance and exit. 

When there are pedestrians at the entrance and exit, the infrared signal is blocked by the pedestrian, and the store people counting sensor automatically recognizes the walking direction of the pedestrian through the infrared blocking direction and automatically counts the number of people.

2. Installation And Debugging Of Shop Personnel Counting Sensor
shop people counter14

The shop people counting sensor is installed on the right side of the pedestrian entering direction at the entrance and exit, with the USB interface facing down, and the infrared receiving unit facing the infrared transmitter.

Use the matching double-sided tape or screws to fix the terminal on a wall or door frame with a height of about 1.2 meters. Make sure that the passenger flow counting terminal and the infrared transmitter are aligned. Then the installation is complete, the whole installation process is very simple.

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