HX-CCD16’s FAQ & Precautions


1. HX-CCD16 automatically restarts at 5 am every day by default, and the local video display data is cleared after restarting, and the local storage data of the device is not cleared.
2. The heat dissipation of the device is on the back. If it is installed outdoors, it is recommended to add a baffle above the device to avoid direct sunlight.
3. Try not to have obstructions in the field of view of the lens.
4. The priority of wired connection is always higher than wireless connection, so after configuring the wireless mode, you need to unplug the network cable.
5. WiFi only supports 2.4GHz, not 5GHz.
6. The network delay will affect the connection between the device and the client.
7. All settings of the local debugging tool need to be set in the “connected” state, and all settings will not take effect in the “connecting” or “not connected” state.
8. The installation height and angle must be filled in according to the actual situation. If the height and angle are not correct, the counting will be inaccurate.
9. When setting the height, there can be no people or objects under the camera except the background.

HX-CCD16 Indicator Status

The status light steady on: normal work;

The status on for 3 seconds off for 1 second(twice every 1 second): the LAN works normally;

The status light flash(twice every 1 second): the network is trying to connect(WiFi is connecting);

The status light blinking slowly(once every 1 second): network connection times out(WiFi connection times out) or connect the network cable to use the wired network communication under the WiFi mode(when WiFi is connected, the link light does not blink; connect network cable under WiFi mode, link light will flash);

Wired connections always take precedence over wireless connections. 


Q:Device can not be searched in wired mode.

A1: Connected computer and device in the same LAN or with one network cable, then change thecomputer’s IP into DHCP.

A2: Check the IP address of passenger flow device according to the network device, such as router , and change the computer to the same network segment, maunlly enter the IP connection.

Q:  Failed to connect to WiFi, unable to search the device.

A1: Connect the device to the computer with a network cable, or keep them on the same LAN , change the IP adrress of wired network to 192.168.1.X network segment, then the device will be able to be searched.

If the device version supports hotspot mode, then we have A2.

A2: Device disconnect network, then device will automatically start a hotspot named WiFi_xxx, the device can be searched directly after computer is connected to this WiFi.

Detection Logic

The detection line turns the image into indoor, outdoor . The indoor is the side of arrow point to , outdoor is the other side.

Enter into: outdoor–>indoor

Leave: indoor–>outdoor

Turn around: outdoor–>indoor

Pass through: outdoor–>outdoor

When the heads disappears or leaves the counting area, the detection logic will be trigged. According to the position of person’s appearance and departure, they will be counted sepately as entering, leaving, turning around and passing through.

Common Questions

Question: Inaccurate counting, miscounting, not counting.

Resolution1: The installation height(angle, if it is Strabismus version) should be filled in accordingto the actual situation, can not fill in the higher height than the actual height  deliberately in order to enlarge the detection area(angle should be divided into X and Y axes). 

The Max Angle of rotation for strabismus is generally less than 45°for X axis and less than 35°for Y axis.

Resolution2:  During installation, attention should be paid to aviod wall, eave occlusion, strong exposure and dark place. Special channels can use the broken line mode of the top view version, the top view installation as far as possible do not use the strabismus version.

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