Improve conversion rate

91% of retailers don’t know their store’s conversion rate. Knowing sales numbers alone is not enough to understand store performance. Analyze your conversion rates with data to help you increase your revenue.

Optimize staff scheduling

Retail stores are overstaffed or understaffed 86% of the time. We will help you reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by showing your daily traffic trends and peak times

Improve marketing strategy

Analyze the time period trend of the store, plan marketing activities reasonably, and measure the effectiveness of the activities, which is more conducive to improving user satisfaction

Data analysis

Count passenger flow data, conduct data analysis, optimize and adjust the store, and maximize benefits

Product analysis

Infrared emitter

Infrared receiver

Product features


  • Features 1. In and out two-way identification statistics
  • Feature 2. Small and exquisite, light and portable
  • Feature 3. Long-lasting battery life, one lithium battery can be used for 2 months


  • The product supports real-time viewing of data
  • Wifi version of the data support web page view 

Working principle

1. Equipment installation configuration, the transmitter and receiver are installed horizontally to ensure that the passenger flow counting terminal and the infrared transmitter are aligned.

2. When a person passes through the horizontal installation position of the passenger flow equipment, it will be counted once if the infrared shielding occurs.

3. Display the collected passenger flow data on the device in real time, which can be viewed in real time.





Sight distance (coverage)Indoor 1m-20m、outdoor 1m-17m
Height range1.0m-1.4m
Power supply mode3.7VLi-ion(2000mAh)/Type-cWired power supply
Communication modeWI-FI(2.4Ghz)
IP AddressingDHCP
Offline cache5years
Data upload methodTCP/HTTP POST
work temperature-0°C~40°C
Work humidity10~80 %RH( Non condensing )
Storage temperature-40°C~70°C
Storage humidity5~90 % RH( Non condensing )
Protaction ClassIP30
Standard accessoriesCharger x1、2000mAH Battery X2, bracket X2, adhesive X2, certificate x1, instruction x1, warranty card x1
Product specificationsize(mm)65x 50 x 25、 Net weight (g):78
Package specificationsize(mm):185 x150x67、weight(g):370( Including accessories )
Outer box specificationsize(mm):390x370x325( The whole box can hold 20 sets )、 Net weight (g):674
InstallationWall mounting

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