Museum Automatic Passenger Flow Counter Solution

Your museum serves readers by providing them with learning, visiting, and academic exchanges. In order to effectively provide services to visitors.

Visitor data is important, but it is difficult to collect. Using a scale to manually calculate customers will distract employees and prevent them from doing more important tasks.

Collecting visitor data is an important part of operating a museum. Provide an important basis for museums to obtain government funding. The data of the automatic passenger flow counter can accurately report the number of visitors entering the museum every day, week, month or year. You can use the data of the passenger flow counter to improve the museum’s services and increase operational efficiency.

The Benefits Of Automatic Passenger Flow Counters For Museums

Track visitors automatically and accurately

The automatic passenger flow counter device allows you to easily and accurately count the number of visitors. And it saves employees the trouble of using click counters. You will gain a deeper understanding of your traffic and detect usage patterns. Even better, you can free up employees to handle more important tasks.

Obtain government funding

The automatic passenger flow counter sensor can provide you with accurate visitors and help you apply for government funds and financial appropriations. Help you by obtaining powerful grants and financial assistance.

Customer behavior path and heat map

Better planning area

Using accurate statistics, you can know the busiest areas, and then set up LCD monitors to get advertising revenue. Guide readers to find books faster or set reminder slogans, etc.


Foorir’s automatic passenger flow counter only records the movement track data of visitors in the museum. It does not have face recognition and data storage functions. It fully respects and protects the privacy of visitors and complies with the EU GDPR general data protection regulations.

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