What kind of problem people flow counter can solve?

Counting customer

You can count the number of people entering and leaving

Knowing customers

Knowing the peak hours of store customers and adjusting marketing strategies

Statistics customers

The device supports multi-store management

How Does The People Counter System Work?

When choosing a real-time traffic statistics system, you need to consider the individual needs of the store. Let the front-end customer engineer help you choose the most suitable people counting solution for you. Foorir products can accurately count, record the occupancy rate and queue time . With the assistance of a professional team of people counting engineers, you can lead your store to success.

Physical Store Customer Data Analysis

We transform customer behavior data into visualized data to help retailers highlight business opportunities and improve performance

Real-time Counting

We use advanced 3D people counters/infrared counters with integrated Wi-Fi technology to accurately capture visitors entering and exiting each physical store, and add statistical analysis to draw conclusions by combining the data with other key data sets.

On-site Occupancy Rate And Queue Time

Track and manage real-time occupancy time and waiting time throughout the day through automatic threshold alarms, occupancy levels, and entry queue time.

Restricted access

The number of people entering and leaving can be set, and the device will automatically issue a warning when the maximum number of people entering and leaving is reached.

Performance Dashboard And Analysis

Improve performance in real time, access specific dashboards and reports in the management backend, track the progress of store performance goals and benchmarks, and compare your results with peers and industry trends.

Recognize children and adults

It can intelligently identify adults and children, filter out effective customer groups, and implement marketing solutions for these groups.

store management

Store management includes: “personnel management, data management, data control”, etc., which can be controlled according to store data, and at the same time manage staff and customers.

People Counter System For Your Shop

Foorir® provides comprehensive data statistics solutions. Accurately counting the functionality that comes into your store or store enables organizations to make business decisions more accurately. Help the organization collect customer information. Our powerful sensors and data statistics software provide actionable information to improve performance and performance capabilities.

Counter people’s shops, shopping malls, restaurant solutions, hospitals, shopping malls, libraries, warehouses, etc. Use of important observations in marketing campaigns.

Shopping center
school hospital
Public transport
Wen tour scenic spot

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