What kind of problem people flow counter can solve?

Counting customer

You can count the number of people entering and leaving

Knowing customers

Knowing the peak hours of store customers and adjusting marketing strategies

Statistics customers

The device supports multi-store management

Customer flow solutions for retail stores and shopping centers

Traffic statistics tracking separately monitors the number of customers that you use between companies/stores.

Real-time customer statistics

Foorir’s chain traffic statistics device calculates the number of people entering and passing through your store in real time with 98% accuracy.

The store sales

You need to know your store’s sales, and you need to know how many customers made those sales!

Comparative analysis of chain stores

Use the store visitor data you get. Find the best performing stores and the worst.

Use this data to allocate your goods and people, and manage your chain business.

Peak hours for customers to enter the store

Identify the time period with the largest customer flow, adjust marketing activities, and grasp the biggest sales opportunities.

Store display effect

Know how many potential customers pass through your store. Convert from street to your store, adjust store window displays and posters to attract customers into the store.

Optimize staff management

Better manage employee commuting and shift time based on the number and demand of customers coming into the store during business hours.

Let’s increase your revenue together

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