What kind of problem people flow counter can solve?

Counting customer

You can count the number of people entering and leaving

Knowing customers

Knowing the peak hours of store customers and adjusting marketing strategies

Statistics customers

The device supports multi-store management

Hospital People Counting Camera Solution

The daily flow of passengers in the hospital is very large. Those who need long-term care and patients who need a single visit will get help through your hospital. You can use the people counting camera to understand them, help them, optimize your operations and save budgets.

Know the crowd traffic

The people counting camera in the hospital will tell you where people go in and out the most. You can use this data to understand how people navigate your hospital and improve their experience. For example, you can place a hospital navigation map in a high-traffic area.

Optimize facility services

By recording the movement of people in your hospital, you will be able to identify popular areas for hospital personnel. This will help you place new facilities and what existing facilities can be improved. For example, you can place an automatic vending machine in a busy location, and set up a rest seat in the demand place on each floor.

Staff management

The camera count data of the WIFI people from each door can show when your medical institution is busy and when it is not. Retaining only the staff that the hospital needs the least can help your hospital reduce expenses.


The people counting camera only records the movement trajectory data of doctors, patients and their families in the hospital. It does not have face recognition and data storage functions. It fully respects and protects their privacy and complies with the EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulations.

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