HX-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter Setting User Manual

HX-HE1 stand-alone infrared man-machine counter is a stand-alone version. After installation, the personnel counter works automatically

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HX-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter Overview

1.FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Peopel Counter is stand-alone version with lithium battery powered device, the product processor is designed by Texas Instruments, so as to achieve the characteristics of low power consumption, high energy saving and long stability. With full charging 3000mAH lithium battery could last for 120-180 days. (the specific service time of battery would be affected by the size of people flow).

2.Stand-alone Infrared Counter adopts imported processor from VISHAY USA, including infrared transmitter and infrared receiver , with strong jamming capability.The width of infrared beam detection up to 20 meters, after penetrating 12MM glass can be stable up to 8 meters.

3. FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter Few minutes to complete the installation , the product is installed by 3M double sided tape , good initial adhesion and retention with solvent resistance and UV resistance, short-term temperature resistance range is 130-150℃, long-term temperature resistance range is 80-93℃.

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FR-HE1 People IR Counter Introduction

FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter User Manual
FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter User Manual

HX-HE1 outdoor traffic infrared counters Operation Introduction

First of all we need to plug the battery after open the back cover, the screen would show date and battery balance.

Touch-sensing button guide
There is a Touch-sensing button between two indicator lights.
“Short press” to light up OLED screen / Switch menu;
“Long press” to enter menu / Exit

Browsing for people numbers
“Long press”into the menu and select “data browse”,you can check all people records by day,week,month or year.

By dayLast 60 days records available
By weekLast 52 weeks records available
By monthLast 12 month records available
By yearLast 5 years records available

HX-HE1 Outdoor Footfall IR Counter System function settings

System function settingsDirection setChange the direction of incoming and outgoing statistics
LED light setTurn/Off the LED indicator light
Sys time setModify the system time
Work time setSet up the business hours
Language setChange the system language (Chinese or English)

2 indicator lights instruction
Green light on when :
Touch-sensing button

2.Every people entry
Red light on when:
1.Matching the Receiver terminal
2.Every people exit

Outdoor Independent Infrared Counter Installation

1.Set the both device at exactly same height of 1.2-1.3 meter(Recommended height) from floor,make sure the sides of the wall or door frame is flat and parallel so that both device can be much easily.

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FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter User Manual
FR-HE1 Stand-alone Infrared Counter User Manual

Independent Infrared Counter Note:
1.The recommended installation height is 1.2-1.3 meter.
2.There shouldn’t be non-transparent subjects between both device,such as exhibition frame,clothing,etc.
3. Please set the system time and business hour before official use.

Pedestrian Ir Counting System Technical Parameter

Maximum width20 meter
Installation height1.2-1.3meter
Maximum detection speed30km/H
Working hour settingAvailable
Battery3000mah lithium battery
Charging portType-C
Data recordLast 60days to 5 years
Browsing methodsDay/week/month/year
Device size75*75*35
Device materialABS
Package list1pcs  x   Infrared transmitter

1pcs  x   Infrared receiver

1pcs  x   USB charging cable

2pcs  x   3M double side tape

1pcs  x   User manual

1pcs  x   QC certificate

1pcs x    Warranty card

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