What kind of problem people flow counter can solve?

Counting customer

You can count the number of people entering and leaving

Knowing customers

Knowing the peak hours of store customers and adjusting marketing strategies

Statistics customers

The device supports multi-store management

Toilet flow statistics solution

We developed a personnel counter for toilets.

Peak toilet use

Toilet flow counter, you can see how many visitors use the toilets. When more visitors use it, it should be reasonable to arrange cleaning personnel to maintain health in time.

Know when to clean

Toilet flow counter. The more visitors who use your store’s bathroom, the more often you need to clean your bathroom. Set a number on the counter and let our counter help keep your bathroom clean.

Monitoring of cleaning personnel

Real-time statistics of toilet access. Compare recent data with past data to measure performance.

Improve satisfaction rate

Ensure the toilet environment and toilet position at all times to ensure a comfortable, clean and hygienic experience for visitors in the bathroom. Improve visitor satisfaction.

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