Warehouse Personnel Counter Sensor Solution

Your warehouse is a solution for storing products and equipment, and tracking activities in such a large space can be difficult. Fortunately, using our warehouse personnel counter sensors, you can track the number of people using different entrances, corridors and rooms. The data you receive will enable you to better understand the activities in your warehouse.

The Benefits Of People Counter Sensors For Warehouses

Real-time traffic

The warehouse personnel counter sensor counts the number of people and vehicles entering and leaving the warehouse in real time with 98% accuracy. Ensure the safety of the total number of people in your warehouse.

Live performance

The shopping center count sensor provides you with the exact number of visitors to each room of the warehouse every hour and every day. Ensuring the safety of personnel activities enables you to handle areas with heavy traffic and eliminate areas of objects that may cause danger or slow down work.

Personnel optimization

During working hours, optimize the operations of cleaning and security personnel based on the number of personnel and their needs in the warehouse. Improve the overall operational efficiency of the overall warehouse.


The personnel counter sensor only records the movement track data of employees in the warehouse. It does not have the functions of face recognition and data storage. It fully respects and protects the privacy of enterprise employees and complies with the EU GDPR general data protection regulations.

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